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No matter how excellent you are at doing something, there is always someone who can do it better. As a player, it is vital to believe in the certainty of your success. If you are a gambler, it is true that as long as you believe there is an opportunity to win, then a bet is worth placing. But when you start to feel so overconfidence that you neglect the basic strategies, you determine your success.

In this world, no one is perfect, and everyone can make a mistake. Learning from your mistakes is important. But repeating mistakes that you should have already learned from is the worst thing you can ever do. In every field, overconfidence becomes the main problem.

Gambling is not for everyone. But if you decide to try it, you should take advice from betting tips sites or experts. We know that many players do not learn anything about online gambling before placing their first wager. That is why we have the following free betting tips for you.

Learn the Rules before Playing the Games

It is not wise to place a wager on table games or slots before knowing what they are and how they work. You need to know the functions of all features available in a given game before spending your hard-earned money on it.

Any reputable website includes some sections that explain various rules and the game-play for the games available. In most cases, you will get guidance about the different types of bets. When you read those guides, you will know which wagers have the worst and best mathematical edge for the gambling website.

The odds vary from one bet to another at a game. For example, wagers at the craps table have a house edge of approximately 1%. And other wagers on the same game can have a house edge of up to 10% Betting Bonus. The house edge is the measure of the predicted win for a site and a given game.

Generally, games with a low house edge are an excellent option when placing a bet. However, you should also consider other factors. The number of hourly bets as well as the maximum wager you can expect at a casino game also determine the amount you can lose in one hour.

Additionally, you should not be afraid to try out some free games before playing them for real money. Most casino games have their respective free versions that you can play without risking your cash. They offer better opportunities to learn the strategies and tricks of winning before placing a bet.

Manage Your Casino Gambling Bankroll

The moment you decide to join a gambling site, you should be ready to lose your money. So, to avoid stretching your budget, you should set aside cash for gambling. Once you have the money for placing wagers, you should not use it for any other purpose. This is cash for your betting hobby. If you want other forms of entertainment, then you should have a separate budget to accommodate them.

Why it is Vital to Set Aside Money for Gambling?

It is important since it helps you to manage your funds and take a disciplined approach when it comes to gambling. It means that you have the rules that you cannot break. Also, you should ensure that you have enough cash to try out as many bets as possible. This will allow you to play different types of games and titles.

Another thing you should have is a betting guideline. You should allocate each one of your favourite games a certain amount of cash. But you can change it anytime to meet your gaming needs and requirements.

Get the Most for Your Play

You should always take advantage of all the promotions and freebies that your casino offers. Ensure that you have joined the VIP or loyalty club to receive rewards since they can help you win some significant amounts of money without making any deposits.

You will not only win real money. There are other rewards which include birthday gifts, free tickets to concerts and free breakfasts, among others. Similar to other online casinos, our website has a welcome bonus for new players.

To claim your offer, you must sign up and make an eligible deposit. Also, there are plenty of ongoing offers on various games. Taking advantage of promotions can have a positive impact on your online gambling experience.

Many new games allow you to play without making an initial deposit, but you should first read and understand all the T&C. Slot machines, for example, come with some free spins to enable you to try them for free. For other casino games, you will need free credits to play them.

Join Casino Clubs

Joining the players club at your favourite gambling site is the best way of getting additional entertainment for your cash. Sites use their respective casino clubs to incentivise you to play more and spend several hours playing their casino games.

They add you to the club after tracking the amount of cash you play with and not how much you lose or win. While in the club, you can win various incentives, including casino trips and chances to play some games for free. Contrary to what many players think, being a club member does not have any effects on the odds.

You cannot always win just because you are a member of the club. You only enjoy different perks and play more. As you play, you will accumulate points according to the amount of cash you put into action. You can then convert your points into free stuff like entertainment tickets, travel tickets, free play, free meals and rebates. If you love gambling, then you should join casino clubs to enjoy different perks.

Know When to Stop

Decide the amount of money and time you are willing to spend placing bets and stay responsible. Some casino games can be one of the most exhilarating and rapid experiences. That is why it is vital to set limits before you start playing. You do not want to stretch your budget or spend more than you can afford to lose. Also, you should:

Online betting offers a lot of fun. And for you to continue enjoying your gambling journey, you must know when it is time to stop. You should determine your goals and give them serious considerations, especially when playing slot machines.

Play Casino Games within Your Limits

Online gaming sites provide you with several opportunities to improve your gameplay and up your stakes. They achieve this through detailed casino games such as multi-reel slots or tournaments.

While it’s tempting to try big jackpots, you should first understand the limits of your experience and skills. Bigger wagers mean increased pressure, and new players can be susceptible to pitfalls that experienced punters know to avoid.

Set your losing and winning limits and stick to them. They will not only keep you in a comfort zone but also help you manage your funds.

Find the Best Payment Methods

Before choosing a gaming platform, you should consider all the payment options available for you. Be sure that when you win, you will receive your money within a short period. You should not wait for days or even a week to receive your funds.

Also, the banking method you use to make deposits determine how you are going to bet. All deposits should be instant to allow you to play your favourite games when you need to. The minimum deposits you want to make also determines your go-to purchase option.

Choose a method that will allow you to deposit the minimum amount, access bonuses and incur less transaction fee. When you make small deposits and receive a bonus to play with, you will be able to win significant amounts of cash for less.

Pick a Reputable and Appropriate Company

If you want to have the best betting experience, you should join a company that meets your requirements. To pick the best platform, you should search for knowledgeable opinions and references.

Every player knows that there are lots of free betting tips sites with information about online gambling, but not everything on them is true. Due to this, you should look for reputable sources or ask players who have enough experience in this industry. They can recommend the best casinos and also provide some personal suggestions and opinions.

Also, you can use opinions and testimonials forums where you will be in the position to understand the experience of both existing and other customers.  Additional aspects to consider include:

  • The range of games
  • Security and licenses
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Purchase options
  • Customer support services
  • The functionality of the software and mobile compatibility

How do the experts make their tips 

They use algorithms to look at trends and utilize all the information available to them in the sports industry plus going beyond basic analysis to make sure their latest tips have a good chance of achieving a positive outcome. Given the wealth of  many of these tipsters and the experience and knowledge they have gathered, it’s Understandable why 1000’s of punters trust them.

How to bet on football tips 

There are so many ways to place a bet from the football tips you hear about, we have found the best way to test a tipster is using a free bet so you minimise your risk. If you would like more information about Free bets you can find out here more which brings you BetPlanets best special offers and bonuses in Ghana.

How to find the best betting tips? 

Finding betting tips can seem easy, but how do you know you can trust the tipster? Lots of punters go through many websites and look at the averages and if any tipsters are advising to place the same bet…A Lot of the sites use a rating to show their users the best tips. BetPlanet advises to use the sites filters to hone in on finding the best betting tips for the game you want to bet on so you have a betting strategy that helps you find the bet of the day!

Using the filters is easy and just like any other website. You just need to click on the game/sport you want and select the country or tournament  you are wanting to place a bet on. You you can also choose to search for betting tips on search engines as by time you are looking for tips as as you can they look at what a number of tipsters are advising and it will give you a guide for a match that’s just starting or will be in the next 24 hours or filter them further by odds or a specific type of bet like betting on the correct scores on a football accumulators.

Matches typically come available for betting tips up to 96 hours before the start time of the game. Sometimes, Punters might find that sports betting tips for matches are posted 2/3 hours before the game starts.As an example tipsters were posting tips 5 minutes before the start of the World Cup final started. This is due to many tipsters wanting to double check the data to see information such as team Injuries or formations plus many other factors prior to posting their tips.

There are betting tips on live betting too, these tips posted while matches are in play – these betting tips are also posted on social media as many tipsters have pages on Twitter & Facebook as betting experts need to be reach out to their clients as quickly possible as odds cashouts can change rapidly when a match is in play!

Betting Tips: How are tipsters rated?

Most of the betting tips that companies post are based on a number of different tipsters and they are normally rated by using an algorithm. This works by looking at a certain data set based on the tipster’s accuracy.

Which Soccer / Football leagues do tipsters make predictions on?

If you are an avid gambler you may have already seen a number of football tipster websites are finding bets and accumulators in very random football leagues that may not have any knowledge about and are missadvicing people. We advice to stick to the main leagues and look at a number of tipsters. to see some of the Football leagues we have put a list below:

  • Ghana Premier League
  • UK Premier League
  • English Championship
  • Non League
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • La Liga
  • Italy Serie A
  • Bundesliga
  • French Ligue 1
  • MLS Tips
  • Brazilian Serie A


With these betting tips, we know that you are now able to place bets and win. Our casino offers the best betting experience, and you can only prove this when you bet on our website. Our best tip is that you should not gamble unless you are planning to become an expert.

You should always talk to other gamblers, read books and free betting tips websites to expand your knowledge. Also, you should choose your wagers carefully. It is excellent to play any casino game as long as you know your limits. If you want to be a pro, then be ready to commit and dedicate yourself to everything you do as a gambler

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