How to Play Baccarat

Like most casino table games, Baccarat is a game where luck has a massive involvement, but so does strategy. Due to the element of luck, there is no guaranteed win when you play. However, if you understand the rules of the game and what strategy to use in certain situations, then you will increase your probability of winning.

A Beginners Guide to Baccarat

At BetPlanet, we offer a range of different baccarat variations. For example, you can play against a computer or you can enhance your gaming experience by playing live baccarat, where you will be against a real dealer and play in real time. Despite there being different variations of the popular casino game, the basic rules stay the same.

If you are new to Baccarat and want to learn how to play baccarat so you can get involved, then follow our simple rules guide below.

Rules of Baccarat

  1. Baccarat consists of 3 different bets that you can place. We have the player’s hand, the banker’s hand, or a tie. You have to place a bet on the correct outcome of which hand wins, then you will win.
  2. The main objective of Baccarat is to guess which hand on the table is closer to the total value of 9. The hand that comes closest wins.
  3. In order for the round to begin, both player and banker are dealt 2 cards each. In some cases, either the player, the banker or both will be dealt a third card. Neither the player or banker can decide if they want a third card. If you play online, you will be dealt the third card automatically if necessary.
  4. Tens and face cards count as zero in this game, aces are worth one and the other cards are worth the value they represent.
  5. When you add up the value of the hands, you only take the last digit of the sum and that is your hand value. For example, if you had a hand equal to 15, then that would be 5 and 18 counts as 8, etc. So you want 19 for 9, or 9 itself.

Banker Bets, Player Bets and Tie Bets

These are the different types of bets that you can place on Baccarat. A lot of players like to bet on the banker bets because the game’s statistics show that there is a higher chance of winning when betting on banker bets a little more than there is when betting on player bets. The reason for this is due to the rules regarding if or when a third card is dealt.

There are also lots of advantages to player betting and therefore you should not shy away from this.With this betting option, you keep all of your winnings. So whatever your bet wins, you keep. However if you bet on the banker and it wins, you have to pay 5% commission to the house. So a player bet might have lower statistical odds, but you win more.

If you bet on a tie and it wins, the payout is greater than the other options. Majority of baccarat games pay 8/1 for a tie. However it also means that the stats show it is harder for it to be a tie, less than 10% chance.

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Now that you know how to play Baccarat, it is time to get involved! Sign up or log in with BetPlanet today and get playing! Try out the different variations of games and if you need more help, you can read the help section within each game, they will give you further instructions on how their variation works. Get involved in one of the most popular table games out there! Deposit some funds into your account or even take advantage of a casino bonus that you can use on baccarat.

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